Sickle Cell Uhuru Trust, (SCUT – Kenya) is a research and empowerment Non Governmental Organization, with a member base of “warriors” living with Sickle Cell for whom we aid and facilitate in accessing proper medical assistance, engage them in worthwhile Socioeconomic activities for individual sustenance, and facilitating research efforts in a bid to establish lasting solutions aimed towards total eradication of this worldwide epidemic form our region.

In Kenya Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) has remained a major Public Health Concern, its Management has remained inadequate, National Control Programmers do not exist and the basic facilities to manage the patients are limited in majority of the Health Care facilities.

Simple methods of screening and identification of existence of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) are not available in remote areas and are only available in major cities, hence, 80-90% of Children with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) will die before their Fifth (5th) birthday.

Unfortunately, due of lack of awareness, affordable screening methods, public and local care givers, Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) remains a largely invisible National Health Issues.

Advocacy must be emphasized, that the screening be done at birth and the children who are born at home will be screened once they show up for their first immunization in the government facilities

Our Vision

To manage and advocate for the Sickle Cell Community.

Our Mission

To advocate for early diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease.
To seek for provision of quality life, accessible medical services for sickle cell patients while promoting research for cure and genetic education for couple and the future generation as well.

Our Objectives

  • To empower and impart knowledge on proper management of Sickle Cell Disease in the Community.
  • To create awareness about Sickle Cell Disease among the public to stop discrimination and stigma against the warriors and their families.
  • To provide screening, diagnostic and referral services to people living with Sickle Cell Disease across the country.
  • To equip district & referral hospitals with well trained and enabled clinicians with available and accessible treatment and medicines for Sickle Cell patients. 
  • To generate a valid Sickle Cell patients registry.
  • To develop research centres to enable the finding of a cure and eradicate Sickle Cell Diseases in the world.